Interiors Inspired By…Oscars 2015 Red Carpet

one of my most favorite posts to write are my ‘interiors inspired by…’ i had so much with my fashion week one i couldn’t wait to make this one from the oscars red carpet. i was really slacking on the other awards shows this season but, hey, onward we look. i saw a lot of beautiful looks on the red carpet, i don’t think there was one i didn’t like! i noticed that sparkly white gowns were trending quite a bit on sunday night – i was lovin it.

anyway, for fun i paired some of my fave looks from the red carpet (again, so hard to choose) with some equally beautiful interiors that i imagined each actress hanging out in. it was preeetty fun.

sj_interiors inspired by oscar dresses

scarlett johansson + living room

ro_interiors inspired by oscar dresses

rita ora + bedroom

jc_interiors inspired by oscar dresses

jessica chastain + reading nook

ms_interiors inspired by oscar dresses

meryl streep + staircase

ll_interiors inspired by oscar dresses

lorelei linklater + living room

what were some of your favorite looks?

pardon our mess!

hey y’all

i recently upgraded my site to so i can get creative with my blog design – all part of my mission to be a better blogger!
i’m fumbling around wordpress trying to figure things out so it’s not looking too pretty at the moment.

better things are coming soon, stay tuned!


seeking inspiration in my creative workspace

writing about my creative workspace is a topic i’ve wanting to touch on for quite some time but just haven’t quite gotten around to it. when i stumbled on wework, a coworking company that provides creative workplaces in cities around the us and world, i felt inspired to share my favorite place to work.

desktop 2

as a designer and overall creative thinker my workspace is so important to me because it has to be both comfortable and promote maximum creativity. because i’m still in school i often find myself bouncing from my desk in my apartment to a coffee shop to studio, each space offers something different but i would definitely say that my desk at home is my favorite place to work. over the years i’ve learned a lot about my working habits and am now able to curate a space that functions well for what i need to do my best.

desktop 4

i don’t have a lot of my space in my apartment to have a full blown studio or office (as much as i dream about it!) but i was sure to set aside a decent space for a workspace. i’ve compiled a list of the essentials i need to work at my best:

trace paper – it’s perfect for scribbling a quick, not-so-precious drawing to test an idea
a notebook and pen – i’ve been told that a designer should always keep a notebook with them, you never know when an idea will strike
good lighting – the lighting in my room isn’t perfect but i do get some daylight in addition to lamps and overhead lighting
an inspiring desktop background – okay, so maybe this is me but i always like to rotate my desktop backgrounds, i like to think it keeps my brain fresh. my go-to’s are from designlovefest – they’re soo pretty and inspiring!
sweet tunes – i usually go back and forth between mellow, acoustical music to more pop dance music. it really depends on my mood or project but listening to music actually helps me stay focused because it keeps extraneous thoughts out of my head. just me, my work and tunes!

desktop closeuporganization is another essential on my list, in fact it’s the biggest one so i wanted to talk about it a bit more. my desk never really stays clean for long but when i begin working on a project i always make sure to clear my space first, it really makes me feel like I’m beginning with a clean slate.

since my square footage is at a premium i decided i wanted to utilize the wall space. i built this wall organizer, which has been a lifesaver, and it was super easy! the painted cans are all pantone’s color of the years (i’ll soon be adding marsala), the plywood can be bought at any hardware store and the picture line is from ikea. i love keeping my supplies organized and off my desk. they’re still easily accessible and the picture line at eye level is perfect for hanging inspirational images, artwork, and notes to myself. much better than staring at a wall!

what kinds of things do you need for your creative workspace?

a prickly new obsession

cacti and red cabinet domaine

via domaine

in my constant perusing around the internet and blogs i love to catch on to what is trending, especially when it comes to interiors. one of the latest trends (and i might be a little late to the game) is easy on the eyes but verrrryy sharp to the touch. you guessed it! the cactus! i love how this spiny succulent works in both interiors and as fun and crafty DIYs. it has a way of making an impact, big or small, into a space – whether it’s the center of attention in a neutral backdrop, chillin’ quietly on a side table or working as a fun party accent or favor. i love this trend and i think it’s gonna stick around for awhile because it’s really not in your face and there are sooo many to make it work for your tastes

also, side note, i didn’t know how many pins i had related to cactus until i started pulling this together. that worked out nicely!

design sponge diy paper mache cactus

diy paper mache cactus via design*sponge

cactus restaurant carla coulson

via domaine

christmas tree cactus sugar and cloth

cactus christmas tree via sugar & cloth

cactus corner

this cozy cactus corner via tumblr

diy washi tape cactus wall art studio diy

diy wash tape cactus wall art via studio diy

mini cactus pinatas oh happy day

diy cactus piñata via oh happy day

a beautiful mess

via a beautiful mess

so have you been pricked (sorry, had to…) by the cactus bug?

My New York City dream

Washington Square Park

since i’ve moved back from new york city almost three weeks ago, the idea of me living there has felt like a distant dream. i can faintly remember getting on the train from brooklyn, coffee in hand, every morning headed to a long day at work. i see little blurs of yellow cabs racing by and the thousands of people that crossed my path every day. i can recall that there so many skyscrapers that enveloped me and shaped the skyline in my vision. that life was so real. it was the new york struggle and, in many ways, i loved it. but it seems so far away now compared to the open skies, trees and quiet residential neighborhoods of the cincinnati suburbs.

looking back i feel like i should’ve done more and seen more and experienced more. i wish i would’ve taken more photos too. i worked long days during the week and by the time i got home i really only had two to three hours to myself and i usually just watched tv or get on my computer before i had to go to bed. i would go out on weekends and tried to surround myself with as many new experiences as possible. but there just weren’t enough hours!

but at the same time i did meet a lot of new people, i did see a lot of new things and i did have some great experiences. i have no regrets really. it’s hard to do it all in that city, especially if you’re just interning for four months like i was. i know i’ll be back again and get to do all the things that i think i missed.

until next time, nyc.

My goals for 2015

Let's Bring It, 2015

happy new year everyone! i’m a couple days behind in writing this but I’ve been using these past couple days of this new year to really think about what my biggest intentions and goals are going to be for 2015.

sometimes i feel like it’s a little cliche to say ‘this year is going to be the best one yet’ but peeps, I’m telling ya this year is really going to be great. my calendar is already marked with big milestones: i’m going to graduate college (!), move out on my own (!!) and get my first post-graduate, non-intern job (!!!). and that’s just going to happen in the first six months! i’ll have a whole rest of the year to fill with other new opportunities and exciting adventures. i’m going to share my list with you today of some of my top goals for this year

1. live healthier. i’m pretty sure almost everyone in the world puts this on their goal list but i’m really wanting to stick to this. my intentions are to drink less, try to work out about 5 times a week (including getting back into doing yoga!), eat out less, take better care of my appearance, establish a healthy sleeping  etc. winter is a tough time to eat healthy for me, especially since we’re just emerging from the holiday season. also, when the weather gets cold and snowy i feel less like going to the gym and more like cuddling up in my blanket eating cookies. my boyfriend is a great motivator though and it’s nice to have a partner helping you through the tough times

2. better time management. i hate to admit it but i am not so good at managing my time. i lose focus on tasks or don’t feel the urgency and abandon them. or sometimes i underestimate how long a task will take me then before i know it my deadline is fast approaching and i’m up the night before scrambling to get it done and i’m not pleased with the results. it’s a mess, guys. this year i’m going to learn how to plan out my time better, prioritize my tasks, try and focus more. i have so many projects i would like to accomplish and better time management is key!

3. create more. i learned a lot of great new skills and tried new endeavors in 2014. i started blogging, taught myself how to knit and really got into crafting and rehabbing furniture.  i also got this sweet dslr camera that i’m ashamed to say i haven’t used too much. this year i want to push the skills further. i love to create, it inspires and motivates me more than anything.

4. live in the moment. this seems like another kind of cliche goal but i’ve been thinking about my life and i think sometimes i shy away from experiences because i’m scared of not knowing how it’s going to turn out. i like to plan, and don’t get me wrong being organized is great, but i think i need to be a little more spontaneous sometimes. things like saying ‘yes’ more often or taking spur-of-the-moment road trips could help bring the spontaneity into my life.

5. practicing kindness. this is a bigger one for me but also one very open to interpretation. it’s not just about practicing kindness towards others but also being kind to myself. i can be pretty hard on myself so that’s something i want to work on. doing things for others makes me feel so good so this year i want to get more into volunteering when i can.

6. be a better blogger. i only just started this blog in early 2014 and it’s had a consistently inconsistent posting schedule and i’m still not sure what i really want out of it and i’m unhappy with my site layout. this year i really want to put more focus on my blog. no excuses: better content, more content, improved aesthetic. it’s gonna happen people

what are some your resolutions this year? i’d love to hear about them. i’m so excited for this year and i look forward to sharing a lot of good stuff with you guys!

Color Crush! / 5

well hello! it’s been a long while since i posted one of these but i’ve got another color crush. her name is marsala and she is pantone’s color of the year for 2015. marsala is a really sophisticated, earthy color that appeals to both men and women. it feels dramatic without being over the top. pantone’s previous selections for color of the year have been a real hit or miss with me (can’t say i loved radiant orchid) but this year, i think they nailed it. you can find out more about marsala here!

as i do, i created a little moodboard pulling some great marsala-inspired pieces, i  just love the bold pops the color can bring into a space, especially around the holidays!  what about you, are you crushin’ on marsala? what’s your favorite way to use this color in your home?

Color Crush! Marsala

1. crate and barrel plate | 2. anthropologie rug | 3. anthropologie helianthus goblet  | 4. lulu & georgia cheya pouf  | 5. keurig coffee maker | 6. rifle paper co. for hygge and west wallpaper | 7. west elm pillow


Oh hello there! Let me introduce myself….


Welcome to Design + Curiosity. I’m Hannah, sister of creator and mastermind of this blog, Catherine Blubaugh. I wanted to formally introduce myself since I’ll be co-creating content and contributing to the curiosity aspect of the blog. I’m a curious being. I do things differently; I’ve never been one for ‘normality’ and because of this, I approach things from different angles.  If there’s a right way to do things then I’ll try it the wrong way.  I’ll take something regular and add my own flair to it to make it truly my own.  I take this approach with anything in life: fashion, crafts, and general lifestyle.

I’m currently studying History and European Area Studies at Miami University. My dream is to work on the set of television programs and movies as a historical advisor – someone that does research and checks the historical accuracy of costumes, hair, set, etc; or work for video game developers researching historical events and figures for their games. I also have an interest in film and want to someday produce my own historical documentary from my own research.

This summer I’m hoping to have the chance to travel to London, England and take some classes at one of their universities designed for study abroad students.  I’ve had an interest in English history for a very long time and I hope being there will cultivate my interest for it even more.  This will be my first experience abroad and I’m looking forward to it.  Even though the culture isn’t much different than American, the idea of immersion in a “new” country is mentally stimulating.  You can adopt new practices and ways of looking at things just from being in a new environment.  That is what I would like to bring to this blog.

But until then I like to occupy my free time with going to concerts, exercise & gymnastics, thrifting, fashion, makeup, music, and diys.

I can’t wait to get started here and share my curiosity with you all.


Interiors Inspired By… Fashion Week Fall 2014

Hey party people, I’m sure so many of you are aware that it’s Fashion Week in this lovely city that I am calling home for now. I’ll admit I’ve never followed it as much as I am this year but with so many advertisements around the city and some of my peers even working on Fashion Week-related projects (!) it was kind of hard to ignore.

So, for fun, I’ve paired some of my favorite looks seen on the runway so far with an interior space that perfectly fits their style. Enjoy!

rodarte inspired interior

rodarte + living room

donna karan inspired interior

donna karan + bedroom

de la renta inspired interior

oscar de la renta + living room

peter som inspired interior

peter som + sitting area

vera wang inspired interior

vera wang +  sitting area


what have been some of your favorite looks on the runway?


defining home

as i prepare for my move to new york city (!) in just five days (!!) i can’t help but get overwhelmed with homesickness, and i haven’t even left yet. i’m notorious for letting things get blown out of proportion in my mind and this situation is certainly no different. because of my internships i’ve moved a lot over the past three years. and as exciting and fun as it’s been to see different parts of the country it’s also been equally unsettling and inconsistent as i try to make each place somewhat of a home.

i’ve been asking myself ‘what makes a home?’ and find that the answer is harder to define than i thought. is it where your stuff is? where your family is? is it where you’re from? or where you’re living now? i think you can argue yes or no on all questions.

i somewhat argue ‘no’ on home being where your stuff is. although being surrounded by your things brings a certain level of comfort it isn’t enough to bring a sense of belonging which, i think, is a key component of home. when i lived in knoxville i felt super lonely; none of friends or family were around and i didn’t really get close to my roommates. although i lived there for eight months, and had my things around, i never would’ve thought to call it home.

that kind of transitions into my next point: is home where your family is/where you’re from? this one is tricky and i kind of sway both ways. don’t get me wrong i love my family. very much. we are all very close and everyone is very supportive of me and my choices. i enjoy going home for visits and spending time with them. but after about three days it’s time to leave. ever since i moved away to school it’s being harder and harder for me to transition to life at my parent’s house. i need my space. i need my stuff. i need my routine. and none of those i get there. i value where i come from, it’s shaped who i am and i am proud of my hometown but i’m that stage in my life where i am making my own life. i am figuring out how to live on my own. and how to make my own home.

so where is my ‘home’? maybe it’s cincinnati – where my apartment and stuff is, where my friends are, where the guy i’m dating is, where i have my defined routine, where i live everyday. or maybe it’s not a place at all, but rather what’s inside your heart. i know that sounds cheesy but hear me out. i think maybe a home is what you create inside yourself to feel comfortable and at ease, it is influenced by your physical surroundings and solidified by your emotional attachments.

but who really knows, that’s just what i think. the move to new york isn’t going to be easy. i’m leaving behind friends and family and a routine to a new apartment with new roommates, a new job and a new city. i will have great life experiences, i will learn and grow as a person and, in some way, i’ll make it home for four months.

i’m interested to hear your thoughts on home; how do you define it?