fresh farmhouse kitchen progress pt 1

Hello! Well, it has sure been awhile since I’ve been on blog, especially with house updates, and I have so many to share now! Things have been happening with #EgbertHouseRevival —and I wanted to show progress on the kitchen because it’s the most far along at this point. If you need a little refresher check my past post for a quick intro and some of our initial inspiration. I’m calling the overall look and feel ‘fresh farmhouse’ because it has a traditional aesthetic but with modern finishes and a sprinkle of fun and quirky. Copper is a key inspiration in this space, but I was careful to not go overboard and feel too theme-y. My mother has a pretty large collection of copper kitchen accessories so I wanted to create a backdrop that complemented these pieces, while ultimately fitting her style and making sure it was functional and utilitarian. She is a wonderful cook and loves to host parties so this kitchen needs to be her crowned jewel. And it’s certainly on track to do so!

So as you can see from these ‘before’ photos that the word ‘gut’ and ‘demolish’ and ‘start over’ have been thrown around quite a bit! The appliances are old and the hardware is old and everything needs to go! Before we started knocking down walls we all sat down and reflected on what the main sore spots of the kitchen were.

Design Plan Photos-03

Design Plan Photos-04

After going through the space and photos and highlighting the main points of change I then put together a floor plan to explore some different options. While I tried some options of different appliance arrangements it turned out that, generally, the current set up of the kitchen actually worked pretty well and made sense. We made some tweaks though, the biggest being removing the weird peninsula jutting out and removing the built in wall oven and replacing it with a pantry cabinet. There was no existing pantry or food storage other than the cabinets when we moved in.

Egbert Kitchen Plan-01

Using the inspiration board as reference I started making calls on some of the final selections. The backsplash tiles and cabinets were the first to be ordered since they had the longest lead times. I’m really excited about the tile situation and decided that I wanted it to be the focal point on the kitchen. So with that in mind I built a moodboard, which probably more functions as final selections board although some things have inevitably changed.

Kitchen Design Moodboard-02

This is it—the final design board! As you can see, we kept things neutral and clean but brought in bold hits with the tiles and textiles and added interest with the minimal copper accents. And you guys, these tiles!! They’re the most beautiful deep green clay tiles from Fireclay Tile. I have been dying to use them on a project and knew this special space would need special tile. IT’S STUNNING and I want to do a whole post devoted to it. It’s not a sponsorship or anything, just my undying love for the product!

What do you think?! Can’t wait for the follow up post where your demolition-loving heart is going to freak! I wasn’t kidding when I said gut job!



YOU. GUYS. OMG. I am so excited to announce the opening of my new shop Design and Curiosity Studio! If know me you know I have a THING for statement jewelry, actually it’s a whole obsession if I’m being real. There’s a bit of a back story for this whole idea and I’d love to get into it.

Insta GIF-09

So. Following a pretty bad breakup at the beginning of the year I was really ready (read needed) to do my own thing and find something that I liked doing and felt very ME. I found that crafting and making things, specifically statement earrings, was just the thing. Some of my past blog posts kind of reflect this transition period – often involving lots of pom poms like my rainbow pom necklace and my pom shoe clips and my diy statement earrings.

But for awhile, even before the breakup, I was in search of the ultimate creative outlet. Something that was just the purest expression of my creativity. I can’t say how exactly I landed on statement earrings but from where I’m sitting at this moment there is just nothing more perfect. It’s the only kind of jewelry I wear and I am so excited to share my ideas and products with this community. I truly hope you love them as much as I loved coming up with the ideas and making them.

It’s so hard to pick favorites because I really just love them all but here are a few of my absolute favorites:

Yellow Orange on Leaf Background

These guys. I still geek out a little when I see them. They’re made from green fluorescent acrylic so they have a fun reaction to light. Not mention the little ‘cactus flowers’ on the two arms – aka mini pom poms. I had a vision of these one day and actually figuring out how to create them was actually one of the more fulfilling things I’ve ever done.

Boss Babe with card

I may be totally biased but these are a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe. I dedicate this to all of my boss babes out there. It’s black gloss acrylic letters because, ya know, it’s so much more profesh that way, right?

GRL PWR with card

I go back and forth so much but I’m pretty sure these have solidified themselves as my #1 favorite pair I’ve made. Especially these days when I am embracing my single life and basking in the light of my friends that are just the absolute definition of GRL PWR. The letters are 1″ tall and a bright purple acrylic so the message gets across pretty clear.

And that’s only 1/3 of the products I have. There are so many more in the shop. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

And just as another little mini announcement while my blog has always been a little over the place I am officially moving the focus from DIYs, etc. to strictly interiors focused. It is my educational background after all and I want this particular space in the internet to be where I post my current design projects. While I will never stop creating other things (ever.) I am shifting focus to really grow my studio and create great products that everyone can wear. If you ever have any questions or suggestions please never hesitate to reach out, I am always willing to listen and grow!

Today is a totally overwhelming and emotional day for me as I take this step from designer and blogger and add entrepreneur to my resumé (I mean how grown up is that sentence?!). Thanks so much to those who have supported me along the way, my heart is just bursting.


great room intro

Welcome back to another edition of #EgbertHouseRevival – a complete home makeover for my favorite parents. Today we’re introducing the Great Room. The Great Room in this house is just that, so great. You walk in and you’re greeted with 14 foot vaulted ceiling with beams, lots of light and a beautiful stone fireplace that runs almost floor to ceiling. It’s the heart of the house and divides the kitchen and dining spaces from the bedrooms.

Great Room Before-18

Great Room Before-19

This is actually one of the spaces in the house that requires the least amount of structural work. The floors are in great shape and the fireplace is majestic and in full working order. Some of the things we’re going to change is removing/replacing the ranch-style trim, adding new lighting fixtures (OBVS), and painting the walls. The photos make the floor look a little orangey but they are actually a pretty nice hickory like tone that is actually quite good.

We really wanted to space to feel light and bright and overall pretty neutral with pops of blue hues. We have a lot of beautiful heirloom pieces that we wanted to add in the space as well so having a space that felt neutral, timeless and classically cool was key. Check out our inspiration.

Great Room Design Boards-12

All images via Style by Emily Henderson, except image with fireplace which is via Place of my Taste

Definitely taking a page out of Emily Henderson’s book on this one 😉 but I just love how the spaces are so expertly styled, yet feel so easy. You know what I mean?

What do you think of the Great Room inspiration?