diy: metal mesh earring display


i am always searching for better and prettier ways to store my growing jewelry collection. it’s even better when jewelry storage works double at art – when you’re earrings are so pretty why wouldn’t you want to put them on display?! i had been using an earring holder i’m pretty sure i bought from claire’s (do they still exist??) like ten years ago. lately it’s been feeling very juvenile in my space and it’s time for something to match more of my grown-up style.

i love mixing different textures together and there are so many styles of metal mesh i though it would be fun to mix them together. follow along to see how to make one for yourself!

metal pieces.jpg


here’s what you’ll need:

  • bass wood sticks
    • (4) 1/2″ x 1″ x 24″
    • (4) 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 24″
  • metal mesh pieces, similar here and here and here
  • picture hanging hardware (optional)
  • wood glue
  • mitre saw and box
  • E6000 glue

you can really make this any way you want – using one piece or multiple! i think multiple, different style metals makes it more interesting. i didn’t end up using exactly the pieces shown above but it gives you a pretty good idea.

i made mine 12″ x 12″ size so the following directions are for a display that size. i did a really terrible job of taking photos of progress but hopefully you can get the idea in the description.


i bought 4 bass wood sticks that measure 1/2″x 1″ x 24″ for the outer frame. using the mitre box i cut each down to 12″ with a 45 degree mitred edge as shown below. make 2 of these, one will be for the front and the other for the back. use wood glue to connect the seams and let set for a few hours to dry.

depending on the pattern you want cut the 1/2″x 1/2″ x 24″ sticks for the various sizes. they should fit snugly inside the frame. reinforce with wood glue.

since bass wood is a pretty cheap crafting wood i spray painted mine gold, you can paint whatever you like. i don’t think stain would work so well on this type of wood.

once the frames are set and the paint is dry (if you opted for that), lay out the mesh pieces you want to fit within the square. they should rest a little over each side edge on the wood frame. i used the e6000 glue on the edges to adhere to the wood. i then used wood glue to glue the top frame to the bottom and placed every heavy book i had to keep everything flat and in place. i let it set for 24 hours before i removed them and it was totally solid!

you can add picture hanging hardware to the back if you wanted to hang to wall but it’s more renter-friendly and accessible to have it lean against a wall.




overall, i am super pleased with how it turned out! it’s perfect for my long statement earrings and it matches so well with the rest of my decor (that pyramid earring holder is a diy from a beautiful mess by the way!)

what do you think? do you have a need for something like this?


diy: holiday sequin patch loafers



the christmas season is upon us! not that i haven’t been listening to christmas music for the last three weeks…. but now it’s fully acceptable! if you know me, you know i love putting patches on things, especially shoes. i got the idea from studio diy’s no-sew embroidered loafers diy and really ran with it, like really. i made my own version of the loafers, a sweater version for st. patricks day, and a comic book version for a pair of heels. so you know i have to do something for the holidays!



here’s what you’ll need:

  • a pair of loafers, i got mine at h&m in the basics section
  • sequin patch, i got mine here and they have other options if you don’t want bulbs!
  • e6000 glue

it’s sooo simple to put together, apply the glue to the back and clamp to the shoe with a clothespin or similar and let set for a couple of hours.



i can’t wait to pair with my favorite christmas sweaters (and yes i have many!) – enjoy!


creating an impactful entry with limited square footage


there are a lot aspects of my apartment that i really love – the finishes, the location, the character… but what isn’t really ideal is the lack of floor space. for someone like me who loves to collect, it’s been quite an adjustment (and sacrifice) not to mention the basement is looking a lot fuller these days. our front door opens directly into the living room (pretty much smacking into the tv stand) and there is virtually no transition once you enter to the rest of the space. it’s an important part of my daily ritual to have a final check in before i leave for the day and a resting place once i come home. with not a single square inch of floor space to spare, i turned to the wall space to create just the place i needed.

when my friend katelyn who works for artifact uprising reached out and sweetly offered to gift me one of artifact uprising’s stunning float frames i knew it would be the perfect element for my entry way. i sent in a high res image from my vacation to yellowstone this summer and they took care of the rest, expertly placing the image within the frame. they create inkjet-printed giclée prints with 100% archival inks and laminate them between frame-grade acrylic with excellent UV performance – so there isn’t much glare!



i was so delighted when it arrived, they also sent instructions on how to hang and i have to say it was so easy!


here’s where i started. i love my apartment, i do, but it’s a shotgun house squished on either side by other houses so this space hardly gets any light. so unfortunately i had to turn on the overhead lights to even be able to see. and to give this space some scale i am standing in the opposite corner of the room….so, small. the wall is a decent size to have some kind of entry moment though!

it doesn’t take too much to create an impactful entryway, just stick to the essentials: a mirror to reflect light (and of course, check yourself out), a shelf or other kind of surface, plants and candles for a little life, and art for some character and color. if you have floor space having a bench or chair is a nice bonus. i thought about adding some hooks underneath for coats and bags but i think i actually like it open – thoughts??




and for those that are wondering, the long shelf is actually a ceramic wood look floor tile – cool, right?! i love when objects have different uses than what they’re originally intended for. those brass beauties are from the flea market, the mirror i won in a work raffle and the marble candle risers and planter are from target.

overall, the space really suits my needs and even though space is still an issue my little entry wall feel separate, but complimentary, to the living room space. what do you think? do you have any tight spaces that need a little lovin’?

the frame was a gift from artifact uprising, but all words and thoughts are my own. thank you!