8 DIY Projects I’m (DIY)ng to Do

Forgive the punny title guys, it needed to happen. Anyway, this warm weather is exciting the DIY-er inside of me to create. My head is swirling with inspiration and my notebook is filling up with sketches and to-do lists of all of the craft supplies I need to buy. I’m currently finishing out my internship in Knoxville and I am counting down the days (less than 30!) until I get to move back to my adorable apartment in Cincinnati and actually get started. It’s been hard to be away from home this long but one of my greatest forms of solace is planning out these great springtime-inspired projects.

DIY Projects I'm (DIY)ng to do

1. Geometric planters – I have been wanting to try this project for a long time. I love having little planties in my bedroom and this project is a great alternative to a typical planter. I’m not used to working with plaster as a medium but this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess sounds pretty easy to follow!

2. Concrete tealight holders – I’ve been seeing concrete used more and more for everything from sculptures to planters and tealight holders. This video from HGTV Design Happens has finally inspired me to give it try.

3. Gilded and reclaimed wood shelves – Storage is at a premium in my Cincinnati apartment and when I saw an image of these shelves on houzz I knew I had found the perfect solution. My dad has been hoarding some reclaimed wood boards in the basement for quite a while and I think it’s time I lay claim to them. I’m going to raid antique stores, or Anthropologie, to find the brackets, clean up the planks a bit and voila!

4. Amethyst mirror – I saw this on designlovefest and knew that I needed to vamp up the plain round mirror I have right now. I’m thinking of adding paper flowers all the way around it instead of the gems. Either way it will create a bold impact in my bedroom.

DIY Projects I'm (DIY)ng to do2

5. Colorblocked dresser – I have had my armoire since before I started high school (so let’s call it 8+ years) and between moving it from home to college apartment to other college apartment I think it’s time for a facelift. I haven’t decided what palette I’m going with yet but it’s either going to be a family of greens or blues. I’m going to need to get some new hardware too! Image from casasugar

6. Springtime running-stitch napkins – I’m so getting over buying Target brand towels (not that I don’t LOVE Target) but if I can make something myself then why not? I’m loving this vibrant dinner napkin tutorial from Purl Soho, plus the options are endless.

7. The Napping Tent – I like to consider my bedroom my sanctuary. I move all of the time, from my parents house to school to internships in different cities. When I come back to school, the place I consider to be home now since it’s where I spend the most time, I need my space to feel magical and completely my own. I’ve considered buying a canopy for quite some time but when I saw how easy it was to make my own on designlovefest I knew which route I’d be taking. This is going to go right over my bed, which happens to be nestled by a bay of windows, perfect for letting in that summer breeze.

8. Gilded mugs and cups – Guys, I love metallics. It feels luxurious already and it’s also very on trend!  I saw this tutorial from the Garland of Grace Blog and knew that I would have to do it for myself. It’s so cheap and easy and will really help add some style to my table.

All right friends, now that I have it in writing that I’m going to do these projects I guess I better stick to it! Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

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  • Reply Barbara Varone 04/19/2014 at 1:23 pm

    Hi Catherine, I am enjoying following your blog which is full of creativity and mindfulness. Your mom’s friend Barb

  • Reply A Space of My Own, Part 1 | design + curiosity 05/07/2014 at 6:43 pm

    […] Over my bed I want to hang a canopy. Canopies always remind me of my fort-building days as a kid plus the added privacy will help when I want my windows open, since my room sits at street level. I talk about  creating one in my past post. […]

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