a blank space; a fresh start

hey friends, it’s been awhile – how are you?

so much change has happened since i last posted and there is a lot of exciting things yet to come. for one, i have a new blog design in the works. hopefully in the new couple of weeks it’ll be live. the new design should make visiting this page more engaging and also give me some much inspiration to write and share. i’m going to  be focusing on providing some great content including helpful diy’s, inspiration and trend roundups. stay tuned!

on a more personal scale i’m in a transition phase trying to stay grounded and focused. in july i moved into, essentially, my dream apartment with my boyfriend. it has gorgeous character and wonderful natural light – something i’ve really learned to value in a residence. then basically a week later my boyfriend finds out he has to relocate for his job. talk about major heartbreak. we’re definitely still making it work and, in some ways, this separation has made us stronger and closer than ever. but a lot of my time is now consumed between working, visiting him and trying to make a game plan to get this blog thing rolling. there just aren’t enough hours in a day. but like anything a routine will settle in and life may slow to comfortable pace for a bit, but who knows…

so dial back a bit, a lot of the furniture in our apartment was his so naturally when he moved he rightfully took a lot of his furniture with him (but thankfully didn’t entirely clear me out!) and now i have some blank spaces to fill. mainly, the living room. but looking on the bright side i’m using this blank space as a chance to create a fresh start if you will. i’ll show the space now and keep you updated on how it progresses. i have to make a lot of design and style decisions, and a lot of building and buying, which could be a great distraction from the loneliness 😉

living room before

stay tuned friends, i promise i’ll be back soon!

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