a prickly new obsession

cacti and red cabinet domaine

via domaine

in my constant perusing around the internet and blogs i love to catch on to what is trending, especially when it comes to interiors. one of the latest trends (and i might be a little late to the game) is easy on the eyes but verrrryy sharp to the touch. you guessed it! the cactus! i love how this spiny succulent works in both interiors and as fun and crafty DIYs. it has a way of making an impact, big or small, into a space – whether it’s the center of attention in a neutral backdrop, chillin’ quietly on a side table or working as a fun party accent or favor. i love this trend and i think it’s gonna stick around for awhile because it’s really not in your face and there are sooo many to make it work for your tastes

also, side note, i didn’t know how many pins i had related to cactus until i started pulling this together. that worked out nicely!

design sponge diy paper mache cactus

diy paper mache cactus via design*sponge

cactus restaurant carla coulson

via domaine

christmas tree cactus sugar and cloth

cactus christmas tree via sugar & cloth

cactus corner

this cozy cactus corner via tumblr

diy washi tape cactus wall art studio diy

diy wash tape cactus wall art via studio diy

mini cactus pinatas oh happy day

diy cactus piñata via oh happy day

a beautiful mess

via a beautiful mess

so have you been pricked (sorry, had to…) by the cactus bug?

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