A Space of My Own, Part 1

Hey there, I know I’ve been kind of silent there for awhile but I’ve had a lot going on with travel (to LA!) and moving from Knoxville back to Cincinnati plus a week-long visit to my parents house. It’s a lot of craziness but I’m really looking forward to the adventure ahead. I’m moving into a new apartment down the street from my old one. It’s located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Clifton Gaslight, which is an artsy little area with an eclectic mix of older folks, families, musicians, artists and students – like me. Summertime is the best time here. It means festivals, picnics and hikes, flea markets and baseball games. Cincinnati does it right, in my opinion, and I am so happy to be back.

Anyway, I’m using this move as an opportunity to graduate – so to speak – from the college section at Target to a more defined and sophisticated style. Over the past couple of months I’ve been collecting various pieces and I’m excited to finally put them into place. My new room has great bones to work with. I have a mantle, high ceilings, a bay of windows and direct access to a balcony which, combined, gives me so many opportunities to define and showcase my style (what is my style? look for a future blog post when I explain it!)

Living in a rental can be difficult. Since I can’t paint the walls I have to find new and creative ways to personalize and add some vibrance to my space. And I can’t just reno what I don’t like either, I gotta learn to live with it or mask it temporarily. Living in an old building, while being really awesome in many ways, can also be a little grungy too. I’ve got tons of ideas to spruce it up though and I really want to share them with you and get your feedback!

somo bedroom view 1

I got a lot of wall space which is great! There are a lot of opportunities for gallery walls and little ‘moments,’ especially with the high ceilings and interesting turns in the walls.

Over my bed I want to hang a canopy. Canopies always remind me of my fort-building days as a kid plus the added privacy will help when I want my windows open, since my room sits at street level. I talk about  creating one in my past post.

I got this crazy awesome metallic rug from my internship at HGTV and I am so in love with it. It’s such an interesting conversation piece, not to mention it will add some character to my worn wooden floors.

somo bedroom view 2

I have a great mantle to display things. I know I’m going to have a lot of fun styling this.

I do not have space on the side of my bed for an end table so I’m going to have to get creative on how I’m going to accommodate things that I need around bedtime – lighting, surface space, etc. I’ll probably have to incorporate the wall space on either side of my bed for this. Ideas?

I will say that the one thing I really don’t like about my new bedroom is the lack of a closet. It really messes with the organization freak inside me to have my clothes and shoes all out in the open. This is where I’ll really need suggestions. Should I just leave it open and hope to God I can keep my day-to-day messiness to a minimum (hah keep dreaming Catherine) or find a way to conceal it? Help!

somo bedroom view 3

This side of my wall is basically a huge blank slate. I know my dresser is going to go in the far corner (check out my revamp of it in a future post!) The workstation area will be very important – it’s got to accommodate space for my computer and storage for my studio and crafting supplies. The desk itself is just a basic flat surface that I bought at IKEA. I like to keep things consolidated and organized so I am working on creating a wall-mounted storage piece. I’m going to use painted empty paint cans screwed onto a piece of unfinished OSB with a clothes-lined looking thing from IKEA along the bottom. It’s gonna be cool, more deets and pics to come.

I am always open to new ideas to better my space so don’t hesitate to share. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and I’ll give you some helpful tips and tricks for styling your own space along the way!

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