A Space of My Own, Part 2

somo 2 view 1

Well it finally came together, for the time being anyway. These kinds of things are always an ongoing work in progress.

So when you last saw my room it was populated with boxes and bags and was in desperate need of some Clorox wipes (and a good power washing if I’m being honest). Welp two weeks later and I finally got it under control. Lemme show you.

somo 2 view 2

I haven’t spent too much time styling my mantle yet. I just placed some empty frames and milk glass vases for texture. I’m hoping to just go crazy and add some color with paper flowers to pick up the garden frenzy that is my bedspread. In my opinion, you can never have too many flowers.

somo 2 view 2a

Like I said, botanical overload. Whatevs, I love it. I tried to pretty up my poor Target cube shelf from my freshman dorm days (*shudders*). I used a long scarf as a runner and styled it with a pretty vintage bowl I found at an antique store and some concrete tea light holders that I actually made myself. It helps distract from the actual ugly going on underneath.

I always find that baskets are great solutions to store supplies and hide things away. I’m a collector of small things that I probably don’t need/will never use so storage is always a must.

I will say that the wall behind my bed is seriously lacking some love. I think one of my next missions will be collecting some actual artwork.

somo 2 view 3This part of my room is my pride and joy because there are some nice handmade touches about it. I made the wall piece for super cheap and it’s been PERFECT for keeping clutter off my desk – well, some of it anyway. Plus it just gives some much needed color and personality to that blank wall. The dresser is my favorite though. I’ll explain more about it in an upcoming post but it was another creative reuse project of mine. It turned out so well and leaves me itching to do another one… Oh, and that rug is pretty awesome right? It’s like having a shiny  patch of grass inside.

Well that’s pretty much it! It’s not a very big space but it’s home and I love it. Now that everything is in it’s place and looking pretty I find myself sleeping much better at night.


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    LOVE IT Catherine!! Can’t wait to keep reading :]

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