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Finding an hour for myself has been difficult these days. When I’m not drowning in homework and projects I have to run errands or I have plans with someone. Not that I’m truly complaining about having a life and friends. It’s just that, sometimes, I need a little ‘me’ time. I need a little peace and quiet, a cup of tea and a relaxing activity. I don’t like to count the ‘procrastination breaks’ I take when I work because my mind is just yelling at me for being unproductive and then I get all stressed out.

Today is my first full day off in quite awhile. I really thought I would sleep in but ended up waking up naturally at 7:30 to the sound of a gentle rain. So for the past hour or so I’ve been lounging in my bed, catching up on my blog stuff and doing some deep thinking. It’s been downright magical let me tell you.

After doing some reflecting on my life for the past couple of weeks I’m realizing how incredibly overwhelmed I’ve been. It’s hard to pinpoint the cause but maybe it’s just the combination of school, personal projects, my friends, my love life… I feel like I’m trying to give everything equal attention but it ends up with me lacking focus on anything. What really helps is writing about it and talking about it. I used to keep everything bottled in but now I find that, more and more, I just let loose. I do feel better and, although talking about your feelings increases your vulnerability,  judging people’s reactions helps me figure out who my friends are… and I have more than I thought I did.

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Coincidentally, this morning I stumbled on a post from designlovefest about making a goal list. Doing stuff like this is fun and I find it really helpful because it helps make your dreams and thoughts more tangible. So here we go:

Eating / I go the farmers markets with such good intentions to buy fresh ingredients and make great meals, then I remember I don’t cook and I walk away empty handed and disheartened. I gotta make a better effort to cook more and be more inspired in the kitchen
Drinking / I’m a beer girl, through and through, but there are so many fun summery cocktails that I gotta try!
Practicing / Patience and selflessness
Mastering /  That half mile hill at the end of run
Learning / About myself, always
Trying / To always do the right thing, even if it hurts
Playing /  well with others. Life is too short to be mean
Finishing / The projects I start. My desk has a pile of half-thought out projects and school assignments that need to get done
Reading / The Buddha Walks Into A Bar
Remembering /  To take at least an hour of uninterrupted, obligation-free, ‘me time’ every so often
Wearing / Sundresses, for dayzz
Working / On making some pretty cool projects
Traveling / Anywhere, everywhere, but maybe somewhere with a body of water and a good view
Wanting / To be at peace and focus

Try making one for yourself! It doesn’t take that long and can really provide some helpful, and much needed, insight. Now go forth, get inspired, make an hour for yourself.

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via | designlovefest

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