Before & After: Armoire

Moving to a new place can difficult. There’s the packing (then the unpacking), getting used to a new environment and buying new stuff, which adds up quickly. But it can also be really exciting too! It’s a fresh start; you get to reinvent yourself, your style and experiment with what you like. I took my recent move as an opportunity to define my style a  little bit more. I didn’t have the budget to go out and buy new pieces of furniture but I made efforts to give the sad pieces I did have a face-lift. Namely, my armoire that I’ve had for 8+ years.

Here’s where I started. It’s pretty boring. Just your standard piece that my dad probably picked up at Walmart or Target or something when I was kid. It’s sturdy and has withstood a couple of moves already but it was looking pretty tired. To buy a piece of similar quality would’ve cost me over $100 and nicer one would have been even more. So that wasn’t really an option.


I always liked the idea of color-blocking furniture. I’ve seen it done a bunch of times on Pinterest and knew that this piece would totally work for that idea. I played around with a couple of different color palette ideas until I finally landed on one that was undeniably “the one.” It’s a selection of garden-inspired greens (from a Sherwin Williams deck) which is perfect because y’all know how I love florals…

paint palette

I just bought sample cans of those four colors and that was more than enough to paint the doors, and I have plenty left over for other projects. So when I was visiting my parents for a week I went into full project mode and got it done in an evening. It really wasn’t that hard.

process 1 process 2 process 3Essentially I unscrewed the doors and took the drawers out. To make a simple yet artful impact I just stuck to painting the faces of the doors and drawers and left the rest of piece white. Since the base was white I was able to get away with 2 coats with only a few touch ups.

Picking out hardware was my favorite part. In my mind there was only one place that would have a wide selection of beautiful, unique hardware…Anthropologie, of course. I needed something that picked up the garden vibe I wanted and was going to be able to withstand me pulling on it all the time. That’s when I saw the moth handles. They’re the perfect size, color and theme. They run for $10 each, which isn’t bad for something so pretty and so far they’ve really held up strong. For the drawer handles I didn’t need something quite as fancy and I ended up finding 4 chartreuse, bubbly-looking handles. On sale. For $2.95 each. JACKPOT.


final 2

Ta da! I have to say I’m quite pleased with it. The whole project cost me under $50 and only took a couple of hours to do. Not too shabby, in my opinion. My armoire now has more life and it’s totally unique since I made it myself. I definitely recommend taking this route if you’re thinking about just replacing an old piece. It’s a really great opportunity to get creative and have fun!


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