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yikes! it’s been over a month since my last post…i suppose i can come up with a long list of excuses as to why i’m so behind (school, friends, life, whatever) but i think i’ll just turn my head the other way and move on.

i am so excited to announce that my crazy talented sister, hannah (have you checked out her etsy shop?) is going to be collaborating with me on my blog! she is definitely the curiosity to my design and i foresee great changes coming soon! we’re currently working on putting together some great content mixing my interior design and trend watching expertise with her fashion and diy savvy. we’ll be making some aesthetic changes to the blog too and brand it a little better (new logo, layout changes, etc) – it’s gonna look great!

i’ll be heading to nyc this fall for a four month internship which will provide me with some fresh inspiration and ideas! annddddd i just got a sweet new slr camera with which to shoot photos for the blog. so once i learn how to use the thing all my diy images will be looking much better. gosh, i love getting new toys.

all right friends, we’ll be talking to ya soon! stay tuned!

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