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hey all, in my post a few weeks back i talked about the benefits of adding plants to your home, as well as the low probability that any such plants would survive when placed in my care. well i’m sure to show today (very proudly i might add) how well my plants have been doing and a little trick that has helped me. plus it gives me a chance to show off little corners of my home.

table top

here is a snapshot of my dining room table, a beautiful homemade piece designed and constructed by steve. this spot gets a great amount of morning light. right now i have a succulent and a coffee plant. my coffee plant as you can see is not doing so hot. i may need to do some more research why or if anyone has any tips please leave me a comment!


this set of shelves in my bedroom is my favorite display spot in my whole apartment. i like to switch out different items and style it depending on my season or mood. and there’s that letter board i was raving about getting before! that cactus is probably my favorite right now. as you can see from my shelf i kind of have a southwestern vibe going on.

so let me tell you about a little trick i am using for myself to help me keep track of taking care of my plants. i designed this plant card to help me remember when to water (and how much to water) as well as the kind of light and where to place as well as a little section for general notes. i think it’s been super helpful and helps me learn more about my plants needs rather than just plopping them down and hoping for the best. if you think this might help you can download the file here! the size is 3×5″ and there’s trim marks on the page for when you print.

designandcuriosity plant care card-01-01



this is my dear schefflera. it was rough beginning to start, after a mere week leaves were turning either black and yellow and wilting – literally dying before my eyes! i wasn’t kidding when i said i had a black thumb, people, it seemed my mere presence was killing them (a real depressing thought.) but then after a few more weeks went by and i began to see less leaves on the floor and i even noticed some new sprouts – it was a miracle! i told my parents – who are seriously like plant whisperers, i’m so jealous -and my dad told me that plants have an adjustment period and as long as i was providing them what they need i would have no real reason to worry. so i imagine the move from the nursery at the hardware store into my living room probably gave them quite a shock  – which makes a lot of sense to me but now they’ve adjusted pretty nicely and are looking so much healthier! i love all of the life they’re giving my apartment and they really do make me happier.


my dracaena is such a fun little plant. these buddies need a lot of light so i placed it in my bedroom and it has been perfect for them. my bedroom honestly gets the best light in the whole apartment. i have these super tall windows and my room sort of bays out of the side of the house so i get eastern and western sun, i love it so much. except that it’s hard to sleep in with the light beaming in your face but i can get over that. the soil also needs to be pretty moist, but not soaked, for them to do their best. my card really helps me remember and also acts as a nice little display sign.

my goal is to keep adding plants, i really want a fiddle leaf tree but hear those can be tough to take care of so we’ll see if i can handle that. but seriously they make your space feel so much homier and it honestly makes me happier.

what are some of your favorite plants to have around the house? any suggestions to what i should get next?



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