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valentine’s day is coming up, folks! and although i’ve never been crazy hyped about it, i’ve always kind of held a special place in my heart for it. as a kid i have such fond memories of being in grade school and my mom would throw these valentine’s tea parties for me, my sisters and friends. they were quite the affair! we’d decorate cupcakes, make crafts, play with our huge barbie collection and drink tea (which in reality was probably just lemonade or juice). in later years i’ve spent many a valentine’s with friends and a few with some gentlemen and i’ve genuinely enjoyed each and every one. and i may be in the minority on this one but i actually kind of like all the hoopla – the cards, chocolates, flowers, pink and red everywhere. it’s like an elaborate parade marching down the street, there’s something about the showiness that i find a bit endearing – anyone else agree??

and the candy! i. love. candy. that’s probably because i have one tooth completely made out of sugar 😉 but i have a real sweet tooth for conversation hearts – maybe because they’re a novelty or made of pure sugar (or both!) but i just can’t deny those tiny little pastel hearts with witty sayings on them. they really inspired me to make a craft with them. i wanted to add a little love in my kitchen so i decided to make conversation heart tea towels. they’re pretty simple and probably took me a couple of hours (but i was also running had a marathon showing of ‘the office’ in the background tehe)

conversation heart tea towels | design + curiosity

the supplies you’ll need:

  • plain white tea towels, i used these but you can find them at any housewares store
  • fabric in different colors, i used felt because i had more scraps of that but cotton might be better
  • coordinating embroidery thread for fabric
  • iron on letters (similar to what i used)
  • heart stencil, i used a large cookie cutter
  • candy conversation hearts, for inspiration and also snacking!

my ability to take thorough process shots leaves something to be desired but it might not be necessary for all steps so i’ll do my best to explain: first, i ironed out the towels since there were some deep creases in them. i used linen because they are super soft and i like the look and texture but stiffer fabrics might be better.

conversation heart tea towels | design + curiosity

i then used the stencil to trace hearts in the fabric then cut them out. after that i cut out the iron letters to create some cute conversation heart-inspired phrases and followed the instructions to iron them out. i’ll note that i didn’t have any problem using felt but it might not be highly recommended and require a piece of fabric between the iron and the felt so as not to burn it. the letters are sticking fine though!

this next step took some time (which is where netflix comes in handy). i used a blanket stitch with the coordinating embroidery colors to attach the hearts to the hand towel. i think it really gave a nice, finished look to the edge detailing.

conversation heart tea towels | design + curiosity

heart tea towels 2

conversation heart tea towels

and that’s it! simple but super cute. i think these could also make for cute galantine’s day gifts and/or decor for valentine’s parties!

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  • Reply patty 02/04/2016 at 9:36 am

    your Mom enjoyed all those tea parties, as much if not more than you!
    Love, your Mom 🙂

  • Reply Jennifer Flores 02/16/2016 at 2:22 pm

    These are super adorable and seem easy to make … these would be great to sell at craft fairs for the different holidays/seasons.

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