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Hey! How’s it going? So I’m new to this whole blog scene but thought it would be something worth jumping into as I try to figure out where my whole design education/career is going. Graduation from college sits scarily on the horizon for me and I’m really trying to keep my cool as I watch it hurtle towards me with the intensity of a thousand suns. I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘exaggeration much?!’  Well let me tell you I’m in panic mode as I reflect on my past four years of school. I mean I loved studying Interior Design – I still do –  but I wonder, ‘is this really what I want to do?’ The idea of being stuck in an architectural firm doing technical drawings sounds like a death sentence. I’m a creative person, I can’t sit still. This mind of mine wanders and scatters itself in a thousand directions. I can create but it has to be a little more freeform and loose. I’m really curious about how my Interior Design degree can translate into other avenues of design – I’m thinking of graphics, branding and trend spotting/forecasting.

I recently received some good advice from a colleague. First thing she told me was to one, calm down, it’s not the end of the world that I’m 21 and I don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life. It seems like a ‘well duh’ thing but I didn’t really get that until she said it. My whole life I have been the organization girl – every decision carefully thought over, discussed and planned. Lately though, it’s been becoming more of a challenge. Her stories and life experiences showed me that although not every aspect goes according to plan, the experiences you have and the people you meet along the way can put you right where you need to be.  She then said something that really stuck: always surround yourself with people who are better than you. Huh. If you surround yourself with people who are better than you, she explained, then you always have the opportunity to challenge yourself, no room for settling. There will always be someone around you to give you that push in the right direction and maybe even a little clarity. People generally tend to be pretty eager to help, you just have to ask. I know that the perfect job exists out there, the one that would fit me oh-so-perfectly, but it’s going to take some not-so-right ones to get me there. The important thing I have to keep in mind is that I should always take something from everywhere I work, always try to learn something new and be creative every chance I can. That’s some pretty good food for thought if you ask me.

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