decorating with purple

decorating with purple - designandcuriosity

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so remember earlier when i mentioned how empty my living room was? well little by little i’ve adding in different elements including my most recent addition, a sofa! now, it’s not my dream sofa – my heart still beats strong for emerald velvet – but i was able to obtain it for the best price – free – and it was desperately needed because i was watching netflix on the tv while lying on the floor. but i should mention something else… it’s purple. you might be saying to yourself ‘ yeah? so what?’ well, friend, lemme break it down for you.

let’s say if the rainbow represented the social hierarchy then i would dub purple as a ‘friend of a friend,’ someone i might have met once and chatted with but never took initiative to get together again and certainly not comfortable enough to invite into my home for an intimate gathering. the color isn’t ugly and it’s not that i hate it, but i’ve never found myself particularly drawn to the purple family. and seriously i own -0- things that are purple.

BUT, it has become a fun challenge thinking about how to style my space around it, and there is a few different ways to go about it.

decorating with purple - designandcuriosity

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decorating with purple - designandcuriosity

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decorating with purple - designandcuriosity

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purple is the color of royalty, as they say, so you really can’t go wrong by pairing it with metallics. layering in some textures and neutrals also helps amp up luxury while still being very cosy. or you can take an opposite approach and add shades of charcoals and blacks for some serious drama. i like the idea of keeping the supporting palette a bit on the low key side in order to let the sofa be a bold statement.

decorating with purple - designandcuriosity

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decorating with purple - designandcuriosity

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if a purple sofa isn’t your thing then think about layering in purple through accessories and accent furniture. it gives so much flexibility and gives a large palette for some fun pattern and color play! what i’m realizing through this exploration is that the the ultimate key though is to have fun with it!

is there a color that you’re skeptical about using in your home?

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