diy: holiday sequin patch loafers



the christmas season is upon us! not that i haven’t been listening to christmas music for the last three weeks…. but now it’s fully acceptable! if you know me, you know i love putting patches on things, especially shoes. i got the idea from studio diy’s no-sew embroidered loafers diy and really ran with it, like really. i made my own version of the loafers, a sweater version for st. patricks day, and a comic book version for a pair of heels. so you know i have to do something for the holidays!



here’s what you’ll need:

  • a pair of loafers, i got mine at h&m in the basics section
  • sequin patch, i got mine here and they have other options if you don’t want bulbs!
  • e6000 glue

it’s sooo simple to put together, apply the glue to the back and clamp to the shoe with a clothespin or similar and let set for a couple of hours.



i can’t wait to pair with my favorite christmas sweaters (and yes i have many!) – enjoy!

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