diy metal pipe magazine holder


there are some things in my home that i feel like i need but can never seem to pull the trigger on – and a magazine holder is one of them. it’s just never something that crosses my mind but lately my vast collection of design magazines and furniture catalogs are taking over the house and are precariously building in a pile. i have such a hard time getting rid of magazines and catalogs because i just want to cling onto the inspiration as long as possible! so rather than read and get rid of them i’ve decided that it’s finally to take care of this problem and just build them a home tehe 😉

i started by looking online first and i just couldn’t find anything that i really loved, or if i did it was too expensive. so then of course i started brainstorming diy solutions! i was at my local coffee shop and someone had created a cup stand with various copper pipes and fittings and it hit me! metal pipe gives so much flexibility with the size plus it would really work with the rest of the decor in my living room. follow along below for instructions on how to make one for yourself!


here’s what you’ll need:

the total cost of the project came to about $60 – which may not be any more than a magazine holder at a store but i just absolutely love how it turned out and it’s exactly what i wanted do that the price totally seems worth it.

the most time consuming part of this project was actually cleaning the rods. they were quite dirty and had stickers wrapped around them. after a looong time giving them a hot, soapy wipe down then using goo-gone to remove the residue they were finally ready to assemble.

the assembly process isn’t difficult but it is a tad tedious to get the pipes to screw in tightly and align correctly, and they’ll probably require some adjustments afterward.

i started by assembling the posts first, starting with screwing the cap onto the 3″ piece then screwing the 3″ piece into the threaded tee. next screw in the 10″ piece into the tee and cap it off with the elbow. make sure the joint pieces (elbow and tee) are facing the direction show above. once the four posts are created attach the connector pieces – the 18″ . this is the tricker part. to be honest, it was a lot of guess and check and tightening then loosening then tightening again.

the nice part about the faux leather that i used was that the edges didn’t require any special finishing which made this part of the process pretty quick and easy. for the half inch diameter rod i used a fabric pen to measure a section 4″ from each edge. doing it again i might add another .5″ to an inch but 4″ is still fine. once the ends were defined, meaning the edge of the fabric that would wrap around the bar, i measured .5″ in from those edges to mark where the snaps would go.



you can add as many snaps as you want but my kit came with enough for seven so i did an even three on each side and it’s been fine. my fabric is 16″ wide so i positioned snaps 1″ from the left and right and one right in the middle.

something else to keep in mind since the fabric is wrapping around the pole be sure to position the side of the snap that you want facing out on the bottom line! full disclosure you guys, when i first started working on this i used just regular snaps from the craft store and i should have known they wouldn’t be strong enough. and sure enough it took approximately one magazine for the snaps to come undone… lesson learned! i switched to heavy duty snaps, the ones you have to hammer in the fabric, and it’s soo much better. they definitely can handle the weight of many magazines and are actually quite hard to pull apart.

diy metal pipe magazine holder |

diy metal pipe magazine holder |

i’m sure there are other methods you could use to attach the fabric to the structure but i love that the snaps make the fabric choice less permanent if i wanted to change the look – or clean it! – plus it’s no-sew for those that don’t have access to a sewing machine or just don’t want to!

diy metal pipe magazine holder |

diy metal pipe magazine holder |

have i mentioned how much i just looooooove how it turned out?? what do you guys think?! would you try and make this for your home? i think you could totally customize it with your own fabric or different finish of snaps to fit your space.

also, if you make any project shown on design and curiosity be sure to tag with #designandcuriositymakes on instagram so i can see! happy making!

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  • Reply Taylor Jones 11/10/2016 at 9:08 am

    UM. THIS IS PERFECT! I want to make one!

    • Reply catherinehblu 11/10/2016 at 6:57 pm

      Thanks, Taylor! And you should! Maybe you could even use a cheetah pattern 😉

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