five design trends i’m still obsessed with

a little while ago i posted about trends from 2015 that i was ready to bury for good. but today i want to turn the tables and talk about all of the good that 2016 has to offer including the five interior design trends i’m still obsessed with

banana leaf print: this has been popular for quite while but i still smile every time i see it pop up in a room. plus dorothy draper is like my design idol so i think there is something so timeless about it. this pattern works great as an accent, be it pillows, curtains or even a bit of wall art.

need a quick styling tip? i found a scrap of banana leaf wallpaper and placed it in a gold frame to create instant art for my wall

metallic accents: this trend is hot, hot, hot. while it has moved from gold to silver to copper to brass to rose gold now back to gold it’s clear that no matter what the metal, people still want it in their home for that touch of glam and luxury

moody hues: when i first encountered this trend i was a bit in disbelief, ‘dark walls?! but won’t the room look small??’ man, was i wrong. the more i started seeing it the more i realized that it is downright sexy, especially when complimented with the right accents

statement wallpaper: wallcovering has peaks of popularity and lately has been experiencing another renaissance. it has always symbolized a feeling of luxury and opulence but modern day patterns are feeling a lot more playful and adventurous and can really pack a punch in your space. afraid of doing a whole wall? try just an accent wall, you get a whole lot of gain for a lot less commitment


the focal art piece: while gallery walls are still all the rage another trend popping up is the single, often quite large, art piece that serves as the focal in the room and will often set the tone.

2016 is really shaping up to be a very stylish and sophisticated year. what do you think of these trends? are there others you would add to this list?

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