friday five: great flooring options

happy friday! i got to spend the beginning part of my week at a summit learning all about how carpet is made and man, was it was fascinating, informative and fun! i’m telling ya, it has my eyes drawn to the floor so this friday i’m going to share five unique ways to dress up where your feet walk.

friday five: great flooring options

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carpet tiles: maybe i’m a little biased because of all the info i learned but i’m drinking the kool-aid, so to speak, on the benefits of it. carpet isn’t about being wall-to-wall anymore; the huge selection of colors, textures and patterns allow you to really customize your space without the feeling of permanence.


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layered rugs: a trend that i noticed has emerged in the past year. it really adds dimension and texture to a space, a popular combination is to layer a textured or colorful rug with a larger, neutral sisal rug. it helps give the illusion of bigger, homier space.

friday five: great flooring options

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color stained floor: although i’d personally be terrified to stain my wood floors, i do love the boldness of the blue. it’s great for a pop of impact or to hide not so great floors underneath.

friday five: great flooring options

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stenciled floor: this is an easy option to add sophistication to your floor. simply lay down painters tape in a pattern and paint a contrasting color, like black, to make your space more dynamic

friday five: great flooring options

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side-by-side rug: when one rug just isn’t enough add another right next to it!

which option is your favorite?

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    I’m planning to do my floors as well, thanks for the inpsiration

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