friday five: plant diys

man am i happy it’s friday! it’s been a hectic and a bit of a stressful week for me, mostly work’s fault. as much as i think my job is so great i have fantasies about blogging and just crafting and creating all day *sigh* maaayyybbeeee someday! that, plus the cold, snowy, icy misery going on outside of my window has really got me feeling the blues and craving some greenery. last weekend i bought a bunch of plants because my apartment is desperately lacking in life. they might not last long because i have tendency of killing them (certainly not intentionally) but i’m feeling optimistic! i’ve rounded up some of favorite plant related diys (with health benefits sprinkled in) to inspire me – and you too! – to add some greenery around the home.


i love, love, love this crazy easy but totally cute mid century inspired plant stand. especially great if your big plants need a little boost off the ground.

did you know plants help you breathe better? as you know humans breathe in oxygen and release carson dioxide. well, during photosynthesis plants do the opposite; they absorb carrion dioxide and release oxygen and can help increase oxygen level. this decrease in c02 and increase in oxygen also helps alleviate headaches and can fight drowsiness, love that.

have plants given you a restraining order? can’t commit to taking care of another living thing? don’t worry you’re not alone. try your hand at paper plants. they don’t quite give you the health benefits that real plants do but they sure do look pretty, last a long time, and even bloom in low light and chilly situations (ha!) the house that lars built nails the paper plant so go check her out!

did you know plants help you work better? as like being in nature, being around plants can help improve your concentration, memory retention and productivity.

wall art and plants and diy? yes please. these wall hanging planters are a great diy for small plants like succulents

did you know that plants clean the air around you? okay, so i’m starting to realize that plants are like little superheroes making the world a better place at every turn. did you know plant leaves and roots can both be utilized in removing toxic vapors from tightly sealed buildings and indoor plants can help remove low levels of chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and and formaldehyde? seriously these things save lives. the top ten plants for removing indoor pollutants, according to this research, are: peace lily, golden pothos, english ivy, chrysanthemum, gerbera daisy, mother-in-law’s tongue, bamboo palm, azalea, red-edge dracaena and spider plant.

add some color by using aquarium rocks you can pick up at your local pet store. just make sure to add plain rocks in the bottom for drainage, followed by soil and add the aquarium rocks on top – so cute!

did you know plants can increase your happiness? research shows that having plants can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, increased feelings of calm as well as an improvement in mood, self-esteem and optimism. i mean does it get better than that?

via oh joy

i’m still pretty into marbling and think these dip dyed hanging planters are such fun and colorful addition to your plant collection. this marbling pattern can be made with your favorite nail polishes

did you know that plants can promote a better nights sleep? the oxygen that plants give off can really lead to improved sleep. the best plant to put beside your bed? the gerber a daisy – it’s pretty and useful!

i can’t wait to add more plants around my home, especially with all of these cute planter ideas. what are some of your favorite plants to have? i’m looking for suggestions on good plants for this newbie gardener!

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  • Reply Taylor Jones 01/22/2016 at 9:00 am

    I have a Peace Lilly and had no idea about all the health benefits! It’s like impossible to kill, too. I’ve let it go almost completely brown and after watering and a few hours it’s back to life!! <3 Thanks for the inspiration, I think I am going to get a house plant for my desk at work, I could use a bit of greenery 🙂

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