happy february and easy diy desk makeover!

design and curiosity diy easy desk
you guys. last week was the looooongest. week. ever. and not a very good one if i’m being completely honest. it was filled with a lot of self-doubt, sleep deprivation and overall a lack of creativity on my part. do you ever just have one of those weeks? thankfully, this weekend i was able to relax quite a bit and get a lot of crafting and blog prep done. that, and the unseasonably warm weather(!) really turned my spirits around. got a lot of great projects on the schedule for this week – starting with a super easy desk. like seriously, super easy.

design and curiosity diy desk

i had this empty corner in my living room and had a need for a place for my sewing machine so in about a weekend’s time i was able to throw together this little area and i’ll be honest, i am so unbelievably pleased with the result! there’s a lot of good stuff going on here, like the chair makeover (coming soon!), the accessories and the desk – which is where i’ll start.

the whole project probably cost me about $45 and took like an hour to do. sometimes it’s the simplest of diys that are the best ones!

here are the supplies i used:
this ikea table top
these legs, and the coordinating leg plate hardware
gold spraypaint for the legs (but you can leave them as is, stain or paint another color!)

i don’t have any process shots – sorry – but figured it’s self explanatory enough to just tell you. after buying the legs i spray painted them gold and while they dried i drilled the leg plates into the base of the desk. once the legs dried it was as simple as screwing them in!

i love the vibe the browns, gold, black and deep green. it’s a color combination that i am absolutely obsessed with right now

design and curiosity diy desk

let me take a minute to talk about that painting… that painting!! i found in a vintage store in my neighborhood and it’s a paint by numbers seascape from the 1950’s with the original frame (which is actually in pretty good shape.) it was love at first sight and the best part? $20! i just love the color and the composition and it’s honestly one of the most favorite pieces i own.

and what about that amazing lamp you ask? well! the lamp is also vintage and i found it at this amazing warehouse called the bomb shelter near my parent’s home in akron, ohio. if you’re ever in the area check. it. out. because it is a treasure trove of delightful retro goodies. the crate is from ikea that i stained and the jar is actually a bath and body works candle jar that i cleaned the wax out of.

have i mentioned how in love with this space i am yet?! i feel the spark of a much better week igniting in me and i’m excited to share other great projects and ideas with you all! oh, one last thought i want to add is that i’m feeling so much more comfortable with my camera and settings. it makes me more confident to shoot projects that i do

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