holiday tree trim: glittering gold

holiday tree trim glittering gold

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merry holiday season, friends! i hope you’re enjoying this most wonderful time of the year. it’s time for another holiday tree trim, i’m going a little more classic (but far from boring!) with a glittering gold tree. i love how light bounces off gold and makes things so much more magical – and around this time of year i soak in all the magic i can get!

holiday tree trim glittering gold

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it’s pretty self explanatory but i’ve highlighted some of the key ingredients to a glittering gold holiday tree:

  • glitter and gold! duh! a good rule to keep in mind is ‘the more gold the better
  • keep it neutral. gold is bold so keep the supporting palette pretty low key and ground it with some soft whites and earthy brown tones.
  • pineapples. i’ve been seeing a lot of pineapples on christmas tree lately so i knew it had to mean something! it turns out the pineapple is an expression of welcoming, mostly seen in the south and eastern coast. it symbolizes all we love in a home: warmth, hospitality and tradition.
  • soft lighting. using soft white incandescent bulbs (although maybe not the most green to do) gives off a warm twinkling light that really compliments the gold
  • all trees welcome! gold works with so many tree bases – go with white, natural green or a bare frame works well too!

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i’ve compiled a gathering of some of favorite glittering gold ornaments

holiday tree trim glittering gold-05

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which holiday tree theme has been your favorite?

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