holiday tree trim: winter wonderland

holiday tree trim winter wonderland

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my friends, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. the decorations, the feasting, the music… it just fills my heart up with joy and leaves my head spinning with how much christmas i can stuff into my apartment. my biggest focus right now is decorating my tree. it’s become a tradition (well it’s only our second year but still counts!) that my boyfriend and friends visit a tree farm and chop down our own christmas tree. it’s so much fun to walk across the farm and meticulously scan each tree for the perfect height to plumpness ratio. i absolutely love having a live tree, i mean the smell alone gives you the coziest feeling!

in anticipation of our christmas tree coming i’ve been scouring the internet looking for ornaments and decorating ideas and the more i look the more i want to stick to a theme for my tree – and there’s so many different directions to go! so if you’re like me and searching for a decorating direction i’m compiling some roundups for holiday tree trim ideas.

my first one is winter wonderland! although i haven’t experienced snow yet this year (and believe me, i’m okay with that) i can’t deny the magic of a snow covered earth and how pretty the sparkling ice crystals are when they land on your mitten.

holiday tree trim winter wonderland

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holiday tree trim winter wonderland

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there are a few key ingredients to creating a winter wonderland tree:

  • silver and glitter! it’s pretty obvious but essential for that sparkling snowfall effect
  • layer in a little texture. feathers are a great way to do this. the fluffy whiteness gives an illusion to blankets of snow. cotton fluff is another great option too
  • white color palette. again, pretty obvious but this look benefits from keeping every light and bright
  • a white tree! although i’ve never had one i do love the drama and brightness of an all white tree. it would especially look good layered in all different shades and forms of white
  • ‘snow’ tipped branches. not a fan of an all white tree? you can buy trees with a snow brushed effect or you can do it yourself (check here or here)

i’ve compiled a collection of ‘winter wonderland’ inspired ornaments to deck your trees with!

holiday tree trim winter wonderland-01

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