I Should Travel More

I recently got back from a 2 day, 1 night trip to Atlanta – not a far drive from Knoxville where I am currently living. This is my second time visiting Atlanta but, like every other big city I’ve visited, I immediately fell in love (see my post about NYC). Atlanta, aside from it’s legendary horrifying traffic, is a beautiful city rich with history and culture and filled with many opportunities. I like to think of it as the Chicago of the south. I didn’t get to walk around like at all but the buildings, parks and people that whizzed by me in the car quickly caught my attention and thus began another love affair.

I’m never in these places for very long and most of the time I’m working anyway so I really can’t explore too much of the city. These trips are like a teaser for me to come back and, believe me, I want to. At dinner,  my co-workers were talking about vacations they’ve taken or work trips they’ve been on. They’ve all been around the country and had the greatest stories to tell. There was life and excitement and laughter in their voices. I sat there eating my delicious scallops and thinking ‘I should travel more.’ I really felt like I meant it that time. I was ready to just get up and leave and go wander and actually live the city. Although I am 21 and still in school I still have some kind of means to travel with, friends that would love to come along for the ride and a never-ending list of places to see. I’m young. I have no boyfriend and no real job tying me down. It’s time to just go. And even if I can’t find someone to go with me, I should just go by myself. Why the hell not, right?

I’m so tired of making all of these plans for myself then making excuses as to why now is not the right time. I’ll pick little day trips or weekend trips to go on to start and work from there on bigger and more monumental trips. The time is today and right now. So let’s go.

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