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helloooooo, 2016! i am so looking forward to this new year. 2015 has been truly great: i graduated college, moved to a new apartment, started a new job and jumpstarted my blog back up again. but while 2015 has been filled with firsts and new adventures i really want 2016 to be about growth and building off what i’ve already started. i am so excited!

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here are some of my 2016 intentions:

build up design & curiosity: in the new year i want to build this blog into something great. i want to create more original, and interesting, content and increase my social presence. i’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning and prepping for the new year and more than ever i have a drive to create

create, everyday! okay, maybe that’s a tough goal to have but if there is one thing i’ve really learned over the past year it’s that i need to always be creating and flexing my imagination. it’s a stress release as well as just really fun! i’m hoping to gain some new skills and do a lot more projects to share with you all!

adopt healthier habits: i’ve gotten to a point where i’m really not comfortable in my own skin. my diet isn’t great, i don’t workout consistently and sometimes i’m a little lax in taking care of myself. it’s frustrating and i don’t feel happy about it. but i know what i need to do to change so in the new year i am motivating myself to take on healthier habits – big and small – for my everyday life. things like drinking more water, getting in an exercise routine that’s fun and active, and just generally taking better care of myself.

learn a new skill every month! now this is one i’m really excited about. so every month i want to learn a new skill or adopt a new hobby. there’s been a few things i wanted to learn, like how to cook or use my dslr camera. at the beginning of the month i would spend a focused amount of time learning, researching and practicing this new skill (and obviously keep it going after that month). should be pretty fun and i look forward to sharing this with you!

building and sustaining lasting relationships: i feel like it’s so easy to get wrapped up in your own life that before you know it, it’s been months since you’ve seen your friend. i’m normally pretty good about picking up where i left off but in 2016 i don’t even want to get to that point where that needs to happen. i want to have more parties and get togethers and send more snail mail and of course, just old-fashioned picking up the phone and making plans to hang out!

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well, i think that’ll keep me pretty busy in 2016! and i want to thank you so very much for being with me on my journey so far and i look forward to inspiring and exciting in the new year!

xo- catherine

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