Manifesting my inner tiger

Hey peeps! These next couple of weeks are going to be crazy busy for me. I am moving out of my apartment in Knoxville at the end of the month to return to Cincinnati. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was just returning to the same apartment but since my dear roomie and friend is graduating I had to find a new place to live. So now I’m trying to coordinate two moves, a new semester (starting my senior capstone!) and somehow still try to keep up with my projects and blog. It’s going to take a lot of strength and patience. Now is the time that I must manifest my inner tiger. Let me explain.

For the past couple of months now I have been expanding and opening up my way of thinking. Like the majority of people (I can probably safely assume) my biggest goal is finding true happiness. I’ve been studying related philosophies, watching documentaries and even wrote a speech in my college public speaking class encouraging my classmates to create their own happiness. Yoga and meditation has helped me on this path as well. I still deal with issues, like anybody, but I am able to better rationalize and deal with them than I ever have before. Not too long ago I stumbled upon this book, The Buddha Walks Into A Bar… by Lodro Rinzler. It essentially breaks down Buddhist teachings and puts them in a modern day perspective. It makes it a lot easier to read and understand and I feel as though I can pick out specific examples from my own life from those he talks about in the book. It’s a great read, you should check it out if that’s your kind of thing.

There is one chapter in particular that stood out and that is the one that talks about the qualities of the tiger, my self-proclaimed spirit animal. Those qualities are: discernment, gentleness and precision. The tiger demonstrates discernment as she carefully yet gracefully walks through the jungle. She takes her time and observes her surroundings then acts based on that knowledge. Essentially, she looks before she leaps. The tiger is also gentle. She is capable of slashing with her claws but more often than not she chooses not to. She is friendly to herself and kind with others. Finally, the tiger is precise. She is present and awake to her daily environment.

I can often recognize those three qualities in myself – not to say there aren’t times that I slip up and find myself slashing without thinking or dwelling on past events. By recognizing all of these faults, however, I can better catch myself in the act and adjust my actions accordingly.

With the stress of the moves, school, work and my personal life constantly present being able to manifest my inner tiger helps bring me peace. And maybe it will help you too.

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