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hey friends, i’m so excited to reveal a design project i’ve been working on! so, a few weeks ago my very dear friend, taylor, asked if i could design her a new logo for her blog, modest blondie. of course i jumped at the chance! i knew that not only would taylor be a treat to work with (she really, really was) but it would be a great chance to help her define her already sweet vision she has for modest blondie.

for a little background, modest blondie is a modest fashion blog that seeks to help encourage women to have confidence in coverage. her dialogue is funny and so relatable. if she wasn’t already my friend i’d say we should be friends! she’s new to the blogging world but already has gained quite a following. i’m so proud and also very awed by her. so… you should check her out 😉

modest blondie on screen

i started out by sitting down with her and having her explain what the important features of her brand were, what she liked – or didn’t like, but ultimately she gave me some freedom to play. after some thought and inspiration searching i presented her with two distinct mood boards. she wanted a design that was simple in tones and had a clear graphic language, while also mixing a bit of fun and girly. after a couple of rounds of logo iterations and feedback we finally settled on the final product. voila!

modest blondie design board-01


taylor has really good design sensibilities, which made the design process so productive and enjoyable. i think we were successfully able to combine our visions to make something great!

if you are interested in potential branding opportunities, contact me and we might be able to make it happen!


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