My goals for 2015

Let's Bring It, 2015

happy new year everyone! i’m a couple days behind in writing this but I’ve been using these past couple days of this new year to really think about what my biggest intentions and goals are going to be for 2015.

sometimes i feel like it’s a little cliche to say ‘this year is going to be the best one yet’ but peeps, I’m telling ya this year is really going to be great. my calendar is already marked with big milestones: i’m going to graduate college (!), move out on my own (!!) and get my first post-graduate, non-intern job (!!!). and that’s just going to happen in the first six months! i’ll have a whole rest of the year to fill with other new opportunities and exciting adventures. i’m going to share my list with you today of some of my top goals for this year

1. live healthier. i’m pretty sure almost everyone in the world puts this on their goal list but i’m really wanting to stick to this. my intentions are to drink less, try to work out about 5 times a week (including getting back into doing yoga!), eat out less, take better care of my appearance, establish a healthy sleeping  etc. winter is a tough time to eat healthy for me, especially since we’re just emerging from the holiday season. also, when the weather gets cold and snowy i feel less like going to the gym and more like cuddling up in my blanket eating cookies. my boyfriend is a great motivator though and it’s nice to have a partner helping you through the tough times

2. better time management. i hate to admit it but i am not so good at managing my time. i lose focus on tasks or don’t feel the urgency and abandon them. or sometimes i underestimate how long a task will take me then before i know it my deadline is fast approaching and i’m up the night before scrambling to get it done and i’m not pleased with the results. it’s a mess, guys. this year i’m going to learn how to plan out my time better, prioritize my tasks, try and focus more. i have so many projects i would like to accomplish and better time management is key!

3. create more. i learned a lot of great new skills and tried new endeavors in 2014. i started blogging, taught myself how to knit and really got into crafting and rehabbing furniture.  i also got this sweet dslr camera that i’m ashamed to say i haven’t used too much. this year i want to push the skills further. i love to create, it inspires and motivates me more than anything.

4. live in the moment. this seems like another kind of cliche goal but i’ve been thinking about my life and i think sometimes i shy away from experiences because i’m scared of not knowing how it’s going to turn out. i like to plan, and don’t get me wrong being organized is great, but i think i need to be a little more spontaneous sometimes. things like saying ‘yes’ more often or taking spur-of-the-moment road trips could help bring the spontaneity into my life.

5. practicing kindness. this is a bigger one for me but also one very open to interpretation. it’s not just about practicing kindness towards others but also being kind to myself. i can be pretty hard on myself so that’s something i want to work on. doing things for others makes me feel so good so this year i want to get more into volunteering when i can.

6. be a better blogger. i only just started this blog in early 2014 and it’s had a consistently inconsistent posting schedule and i’m still not sure what i really want out of it and i’m unhappy with my site layout. this year i really want to put more focus on my blog. no excuses: better content, more content, improved aesthetic. it’s gonna happen people

what are some your resolutions this year? i’d love to hear about them. i’m so excited for this year and i look forward to sharing a lot of good stuff with you guys!

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