My New York City dream

Washington Square Park

since i’ve moved back from new york city almost three weeks ago, the idea of me living there has felt like a distant dream. i can faintly remember getting on the train from brooklyn, coffee in hand, every morning headed to a long day at work. i see little blurs of yellow cabs racing by and the thousands of people that crossed my path every day. i can recall that there so many skyscrapers that enveloped me and shaped the skyline in my vision. that life was so real. it was the new york struggle and, in many ways, i loved it. but it seems so far away now compared to the open skies, trees and quiet residential neighborhoods of the cincinnati suburbs.

looking back i feel like i should’ve done more and seen more and experienced more. i wish i would’ve taken more photos too. i worked long days during the week and by the time i got home i really only had two to three hours to myself and i usually just watched tv or get on my computer before i had to go to bed. i would go out on weekends and tried to surround myself with as many new experiences as possible. but there just weren’t enough hours!

but at the same time i did meet a lot of new people, i did see a lot of new things and i did have some great experiences. i have no regrets really. it’s hard to do it all in that city, especially if you’re just interning for four months like i was. i know i’ll be back again and get to do all the things that i think i missed.

until next time, nyc.

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