Neon-Floral Dinner Napkins

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So as you read in a previous post I’m all about the neon now. I just love how it adds a little pop of energy to everything – especially when it’s paired with a softer, feminine pattern or color, such as a floral. Inspired by my recent tableware purchases at Anthropologie I decided I wanted to make a set of napkins to complement them.


The fabric I used was leftover scraps from a project at work. I just love the blue watercolor effect and wanted to add some extra brilliance through fluorescent yellow embroidery thread. I had enough scrap fabric to be able to cut two 16″x16″ and two 9″x 9″ squares – so two standard dinner and two standard cocktail napkins – not a complete set but enough for date night or tea with a friend.

cut squares

Cut out your squares. The standard size of a dinner napkin is 16″ by 16″ but with the folding of the edges I would cut out 17″ x 17″ squares. Same with the cocktail napkins, cut out 10″x10″ squares to make standard 9″x9″ napkins.

flip and fold

Place the ‘correct’ side of the fabric face-down so the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric is facing you. Fold each side 1/2″ towards the inside of the square. I used an iron to make the fold lines more visible since my fabric was a little heavier – but that may not be necessary.

cut corners

fold at 45

Unfold the corners so you can see where the fold lines are. Cut off the corner diagonally where the folded lines intersect so that when you fold the edges the corners will now fall flat.

fold in again

Fold the corner down so that it sits at a 45-degree angle.

fold in at 45 again

Then fold the sides 1/2″ towards the inside of the napkin again so that it forms another 45-degree angle. You should pin down the edges to keep them in place. Again, I used an iron to make the fold lines sharper. Do this on all sides to create mitered corners.


With your thread create a simple running stitch around the inside edge of the folded fabric. Make sure the knot is on the back side of the napkin, to create a pretty, clean look on the front.

Do this with all of your squares to create a beautiful set of napkins. These also make great hostess gifts for holidays and parties. I already have a couple of people in my mind for the next set I create!

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