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Welcome to Design + Curiosity. I’m Hannah, sister of creator and mastermind of this blog, Catherine Blubaugh. I wanted to formally introduce myself since I’ll be co-creating content and contributing to the curiosity aspect of the blog. I’m a curious being. I do things differently; I’ve never been one for ‘normality’ and because of this, I approach things from different angles.  If there’s a right way to do things then I’ll try it the wrong way.  I’ll take something regular and add my own flair to it to make it truly my own.  I take this approach with anything in life: fashion, crafts, and general lifestyle.

I’m currently studying History and European Area Studies at Miami University. My dream is to work on the set of television programs and movies as a historical advisor – someone that does research and checks the historical accuracy of costumes, hair, set, etc; or work for video game developers researching historical events and figures for their games. I also have an interest in film and want to someday produce my own historical documentary from my own research.

This summer I’m hoping to have the chance to travel to London, England and take some classes at one of their universities designed for study abroad students.  I’ve had an interest in English history for a very long time and I hope being there will cultivate my interest for it even more.  This will be my first experience abroad and I’m looking forward to it.  Even though the culture isn’t much different than American, the idea of immersion in a “new” country is mentally stimulating.  You can adopt new practices and ways of looking at things just from being in a new environment.  That is what I would like to bring to this blog.

But until then I like to occupy my free time with going to concerts, exercise & gymnastics, thrifting, fashion, makeup, music, and diys.

I can’t wait to get started here and share my curiosity with you all.


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