fresh farmhouse kitchen intro

I am so excited to finally be sharing about a project I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. But before I go too far down the rabbit hole, let me give you some background. This reno is for some people that are very near and dear to my heart, the ones that gave this gracious creature you see before you life….my parents! They’ve recently sold their home and while I could spend actual paragraphs about the roller coaster of emotions I feel about my childhood home no longer being in my life, blah blah blah, I’ll get to the part where I’m absolutely elated that I have this amazing opportunity to design and help execute an amazing home makeover. And makeover is not used lightly in this scenario, as you will see here soon. Lucky for them they have a designer in the family who is chomping at the bit to get her greedy claws on this space and make it ah-mazing.

I was first tasked to start with the kitchen since, to put it delicately, is a freaking gut job.

Kitchen Before-07The 70’s called, they want their everything back. While I can appreciate some vintage and a little retro…this like baaaddd dated. The space itself is actually pretty open and there are no weird bump outs or anything that restricts us too much. The only thing is the soffit, which is staying for cost savings, that might affect the height of the cabinets. Right now the cabinets are pretty tall and even though there is technically enough space between them and the counter (15″), I am suggesting they leave about 18″ – believe me, that extra 3″ makes all the difference.

Kitchen Before-08

We’re also say buh-bye to that weird peninsula. Well, I guess really we’re saying adios to everything so hope you’re not attached to anything! I mean I know in the future when we’re all riding around in our space ships on the moon we’re going to scratch our heads on what we’re designing today, but like, was this kitchen ever cute??

I’m currently working on specifying final finishes which I’m hoping to share with you all soon! But for now feast your eyes on the inspiration. Shoutout to my folks for being like, super into this. With God as my witness I am putting those green tiles in that kitchen.


Sources from left to right: open shelving, copper focal display, vibrant green backsplash, two tone cabinets, copper handle, copper pendant, farmhouse sink.

So what do you guys think?? Progress is currently being made and stuff us being ordered and I can’t wait to share! Follow along with #EgbertHouseRevival on Instagram to see updates!


easy diy pom-pom shoe clips!

Sometimes I don’t even know where I get some of these ideas from but I was making one of my bi-weekly trips to the craft store (they may or may not know me by name now….) when I saw some furry barrettes in the accessories section and had that thought that I’m sure very few people have ever had, ‘those would look cute clipped onto my shoes.’ I know, right??

I wanted to share this super easy DIY so you too can clip furry pom-pom balls on your shoes! It’s sooo easy and took literally 5 minutes.

diy pom pom shoe clips |

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • furry pom-pom hair ties, I got this one!
  • alligator hair clips, I got these
  • E6000 glue

diy pom pom shoe clips |

I cut the elastic off of the hair tie and applied the glue to both the hair tie (about where I clipped off the elastic) and the alligator clip. I pressed together and let it set for about 2 hours. It’s been super secure and hasn’t threatened to come apart yet.

diy pom pom shoe clips |

But how cute is that?! You guys I might seriously have some kind of disease that makes me want to put things on my shoes all the time….I don’t think there’s a cure so I’m going to keep on sharing!

What do you think? Would you try this? If you do, tag with #designandcuriositymakes on Instagram so I can see!


diy pom pom statement earrings for st. pattys day

diy st pattys pom pom earrings |

hello friends, st patricks day is tomorrow and if you haven’t had enough of pom poms yet, with your rainbow pom pom necklace, you’re in for a treat today! statement earrings are trending big time right now (you can see some examples on my post awhile back) and it turns out there you can create a pair for yourself with some scrap materials and a little creativity. after seeing them around i knew i had to make myself a pair (or twenty).

diy st pattys pom pom earrings |

here’s what you’ll need:

  • green yarn
  • small pom pom maker, which you can buy at most craft stores
  • fish hook earring pieces
  • headpins
  • pliers

diy st pattys pom pom earrings |

use your pom pom maker to make two full bodied poms in your green yarn. be sure to tie it together tightly!

diy st pattys pom pom earrings |

diy st pattys pom pom earrings |

next you’ll add the headpin. using pliers bend the straight end into an open v

diy st pattys pom pom earrings |

loop the open v shape around the yarn that is holding the pom together then use the pliers to pinch it closed. simply loop the fish hook earring piece into the loop of the headpin and secure tightly.

diy st pattys pom pom earrings |

and voila! you’re finished! honestly i was kind of surprised how quickly they were to make, up to 10 minutes probably! i really want to try experimenting with mixing different colored yarns in the same pom. what do you think??

if you’re in a pinch for green tomorrow and don’t get pinched (sorry, had to!) then whip up these fun earrings for a true bit of irish spirit. also, check out my diy st pattys sequin elbow patch sweater from last year for more fun!