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writing about my creative workspace is a topic i’ve wanting to touch on for quite some time but just haven’t quite gotten around to it. when i stumbled on wework, a coworking company that provides creative workplaces in cities around the us and world, i felt inspired to share my favorite place to work.

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as a designer and overall creative thinker my workspace is so important to me because it has to be both comfortable and promote maximum creativity. because i’m still in school i often find myself bouncing from my desk in my apartment to a coffee shop to studio, each space offers something different but i would definitely say that my desk at home is my favorite place to work. over the years i’ve learned a lot about my working habits and am now able to curate a space that functions well for what i need to do my best.

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i don’t have a lot of my space in my apartment to have a full blown studio or office (as much as i dream about it!) but i was sure to set aside a decent space for a workspace. i’ve compiled a list of the essentials i need to work at my best:

trace paper – it’s perfect for scribbling a quick, not-so-precious drawing to test an idea
a notebook and pen – i’ve been told that a designer should always keep a notebook with them, you never know when an idea will strike
good lighting – the lighting in my room isn’t perfect but i do get some daylight in addition to lamps and overhead lighting
an inspiring desktop background – okay, so maybe this is me but i always like to rotate my desktop backgrounds, i like to think it keeps my brain fresh. my go-to’s are from designlovefest – they’re soo pretty and inspiring!
sweet tunes – i usually go back and forth between mellow, acoustical music to more pop dance music. it really depends on my mood or project but listening to music actually helps me stay focused because it keeps extraneous thoughts out of my head. just me, my work and tunes!

desktop closeuporganization is another essential on my list, in fact it’s the biggest one so i wanted to talk about it a bit more. my desk never really stays clean for long but when i begin working on a project i always make sure to clear my space first, it really makes me feel like I’m beginning with a clean slate.

since my square footage is at a premium i decided i wanted to utilize the wall space. i built this wall organizer, which has been a lifesaver, and it was super easy! the painted cans are all pantone’s color of the years (i’ll soon be adding marsala), the plywood can be bought at any hardware store and the picture line is from ikea. i love keeping my supplies organized and off my desk. they’re still easily accessible and the picture line at eye level is perfect for hanging inspirational images, artwork, and notes to myself. much better than staring at a wall!

what kinds of things do you need for your creative workspace?

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  • Reply Barbara Karpf 01/30/2015 at 5:25 pm

    Love the rug situation!

  • Reply Taylor Jones 09/30/2015 at 12:00 pm

    I LOVE THIS. Come decorate my office 🙂

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