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good morning, friends! i’ve missed this little space on the web, it’s been so long since i last posted. if you follow me on instagram, which i must insist you do, then you know that all is still good and colorful and fun! it’s much easier for me to post those little squares than to actually sit down and write here but i must keep trying!

today is a special day for me, it’s the first anniversary of starting full time at my first post-grad job! and they gave me the most special gift an adult working woman could get…a bonus day of paid time off. sweet, sweet adulthood haha! i have a special day planned on catching up on reading an ever growing list of blog posts from my bloglovin’ page, brainstorming new posts (and prepping, writing a few!), house chores, exercise and a secret creative project that has been inching along soo slowly. hopefully i’ll be far enough along to reveal that soon because i am so excited about it!

i’m going to be short and sweet here because i have a full day planned but stay tuned, friends. i promise i’ll be back soon!


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