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the other day when i was perusing my blogs i suddenly found myself deeply engrossed in a design*sponge interview with blogger and artist, justina blakeney. she was asked about the best advice she’s ever been given then what her own advice is to young artists. her response was so resonating, it went like this:

advice i’d offer a young artist? don’t strive for perfection, strive for growth. i see so many creatives being stifled by perfectionism, but the idea of perfection is so subjective and ephemeral. don’t get stifled by thinking about things too much or by trying to make every last detail just so. do good work, then keep on making and doing… you’ll get better the more you create, not the more you think about it.

you know when you read something that really tugs at your heart strings so hard metaphorically that you start feeling it physically? well this was it. i really related with this because i am constantly finding myself striving for absolute perfection that if i don’t quite reach it i consider it a failure and i lose steam and, in some cases, just give up all together. this blog is a good example of that. when i couldn’t create something that was a rave success from the start (really not sure what i was thinking there) i just let it drift from my focus. but this time around i’m letting myself grow into it, mistakes and all.

it’s something i notice constantly in so many other aspects of my life too. i have an instagram feed filled with beautiful interiors and inspiring creative people. i think to myself ‘oh i can’t have that, i’m not rich enough or talented enough or whatever enough.’ i have to sternly stop myself from tearing myself down because i haven’t yet achieved that level of what i consider ‘perfection.’ i get hung up in all the little details that i lose sight of the bigger picture. i may not be the best writer, or photographer, or designer right now, but i am showing up, as they say. everyday i work, i keep making and i keep doing and that, i’ve learned, is what is going to help me grow.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this, please share!

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