treasure hunting: antiques village, dayton, ohio

i’ve been in a major thrifting mode lately and after my last post about my bomb shelter visit i decided i wanted to turn it into a series where i show some off some of my favorite local treasure hunting spots. it’s going to be a lot of southwest ohio and cincinnati places, although i’ll throw in some columbus and cleveland places when i’m in the area and even some out of town destinations when i can. any and all suggestions of places to check out are appreciated, so please share!

today i wanted to showcase a place that’s about five minutes from my office in dayton called antiques village. i’ll be honest at first glance it’s really not going to catch your attention. it’s located in a strip mall on a street off of the main road. i’ve driven by it so many times and honestly didn’t give it much thought until a co-worker told me about it. folks, appearances are not everything and this place is massive and brimming with treasure possibilities.


looking closer at this picture now, i wish i would’ve grabbed this chair. i could’ve used as a new desk chair or an accent chair in my living room. it was in pretty good condition too, although i can’t remember the price.


i really liked this little seascape, but couldn’t justify $25 for it. i know i would want a different frame for it too. but the colors and composition are quite nice and can see this little guy a part of a ocean-themed gallery wall.


this guy. i stared at him for a solid five minutes. besides loving paint by number paintings i’ve been really into portraits too. it’s kind of fun to imagine who the subject is, what they might be thinking, that kind of thing. this alpine guy is a really beautiful piece though, and the owner must’ve thought so too because he was selling for $650. my heart fell but i truly hope he finds a good home though, he deserves better than the painted plywood wall he’s hanging from now.


i really like this theater chair and think it would look really good in an entry way – maybe mixed with metallic accents, some plants and a painting or two of horses and farms…


you know i love me a good chair, and i stopped dead in my tracks at this bentwood chair but it was in pretty bad condition for twenty-five dollars. although i would love to have a twin for my other bentwood chair!


this booth was just brimming with mid century goodies. i loved most everything i saw and thought that the prices were pretty fair too! the following couple of pictures show some of my favorites.



i was loving on all of these walnut and brass table pieces and probably stood by this shelf for a solid ten minutes contemplating the life i could provide for them. we could’ve been really happy together but ultimately i walked away, but i told myself that if we to ever meet again i’ll definitely take a piece or two home.


i’m a little regretful that i didn’t walk out of the store with these stacking side tables. the whole booth was 20% off tag price which made them a whopping twenty dollars – i feel like that was a pretty good deal. they were in decent condition, although there was a small chip on the white laminate on one of the corners. maybe that was how i walked away? not sure…but they were fine tables.


this end table was in great condition and the walnut color and grain is just perfect. it was a little out of my price range and i didn’t have a real need but still a pretty great find.



this was a great clock and i wish i owned it. it was pretty expensive but maybe at a different time on a different day.



i really liked those earthenware pots as i am always on the lookout for new planters. i found that horse painting pretty attractive too, there is something ‘ralph lauren meets high society meets quiet country living’ that i was really into.



this baby. THIS BABY. i promise i’m not exaggerating when i say my jaw may have slacked a bit. paint by numbers are my favorite right now (i found another one the week before!!), and this seascape was making me swoon. the colors are outstanding in person and showed no signs of fading, chipping or stains. can’t say i’m a huge fan of the artificially distressed frame (okay, i hate it) – or the fact that the painting is duck-taped to the frame. insert wincing face. i’m either thinking a mid-century inspired gold frame or a wooden one…thoughts??


this end table was a nice surprise find, especially considering the junk that surrounds it. it’s quite a common occurrence to see a lot of what i would consider ‘someone’s trash, no one’s treasure’ – harsh, maybe but it kind of takes a trained eye to see what is truly valuable. i wouldn’t call myself a professional thrifter, although one of my life goals is to get my skills up to an emily henderson level. now that woman finds some GOLD. anyway, i like to think that i can at least tell the difference between the artificially produced (i’m talking the shabby chic, paint-chipped, pallet furniture…i don’t like it), the junk (which, in my opinion, is probably a good 70% of stuff i see), and the valuable treasures. i can tell some vendors know what sells and what the serious thrifters are going to think is valuable. some vendors put insulting prices on terrible stuff. just walk away and try to shake your head too obviously.


i thought these were wooden jug vases – as one might logically think when looking at them – but actually, they’re carved jug candlestick holders. interesting turn of events there. they are handmade and not made in china as far as i could tell. i do really like the richness of the color and grain. i think they were $18 for the pair, not too bad.

vendors and items are constantly cycling in and out in here so it’s fun to stop in every once in a while to see what’s new. if you’re ever in the area, i would definitely suggest stopping in – you might some great treasures!

i’m always looking for new places to explore so if you have any thoughts please share! and share your flea market find with my hashtag #designandcuriositytreasurehunt happy hunting 🙂


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