try this trend: square tile

via apartment therapy

when i was inspiration searching for a project at work i found myself spotting square tiles more and more. while i’m still a pretty big fan of subway tiles i am seeing them everywhere so seeing square tiles felt so refreshing. i think they can provide an equally chic option to your kitchen or bathroom.


via design milk

the square white tiles with black grout and clean lines of the cabinetry give off a scandinavian vibe, via bloglovin

pairing matte black fixtures with small white tiles creates a stunning contrast and makes the space feel extra modern, via my paradissi

the high gloss emerald wall tiles, pairing with earthier tones and textures creates a feeling of subdued drama in the bathroom, via design addicts

there’s more places to use tiles besides just kitchen and bath, adding them around the frame and base of a fireplace gives an unexpected boldness to your space, via apartment therapy

 these extra small black matte tiles really bring in drama and a sense of modernism. the black tile with black grout gives the wall a more textural look and feel via design files

what do you think of this trend?

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