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I’m jazzed to give you guys another peek into another space I’m doing as a part of the #EgbertHouseRevival. To refresh your memory, my parents recently bought a new home as a part of their new empty nester chapter and I’ve been tasked (eagerly) to help them redesign it. Lucky them, am I right?! And if you’re wondering what Egbert means, it’s the street the house is on 😉

This bathroom is actually ending up being one of my favorite spaces despite it being one of the smallest and ultimately having the smallest amount of work done to it.

Don’t stare too hard at her blemishes now because her beauty runs deep.

Vintage Bathroom Before-09

When we first toured the house and I walked into this little (read tiny) bathroom I was first all like “no way, ew, it’s all gotta go!” and my parents were like, “but…. budget….” and I’m like, “Uuugghhhhh, okay, I’ll figure something out.” So I hit the Pinterest boards and found to my surprise that vintage pink bathrooms are a thing! And they look so cute and so fresh.


I mean, so adorable, right?? (via oh happy day)

And then I got really excited. The tile in the bathroom is actually in really great shape. It’s pretty clean and none of the tiles are missing or chipped so it’s staying. And everything else is getting a facelift. This is one of those situations where you can see the difference between bad dated (see kitchen) and cute vintage with tons of potential.

Vintage Bathroom Before-10

Don’t get me wrong though. She totally ugly right now. A real life Cinderella before the ball situation. In my next update post I’ve give more details but just for your reassurance (because I know you’ll be losing sleep over it) I’ll give a brief run down of the big ideas here: the vanity is gone, that mirror is so gone, the fixtures are trash, and the molding here (and the rest of the house too) is going to be replaced with fresh white trim. Granny wallpaper, gone.

Since the pink is soo pink – which I guess not everyone likes that (?!), not that I really see anything wrong that 😉 – I am going to balance that out with modern, black fixtures and graphic patterns that are going to help the space feel so modern.

Vintage Bathroom Inspiration-06

Sources from left to right: pink walls, black and white wallpaper, white and bright, matte black fixtures, pendant, pink tile wall.

So what do y’all think? Do you like the idea of keeping the pink tile? Can’t wait to share more soon!

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