What I Love About NYC…

So I recently got back from a (too) short trip to New York City (only three days and I was in meetings most of the time). It was only my third time being there but the city never fails to captivate me each time I go. There is always something new to see and experience and I find so much beauty in that. I define myself as a dreamer and hyper-imaginative person. Being in this city is so inspiring because around every turn there is an opportunity for the mind and heart to wander. On our taxi ride to the airport, for our trip back to Knoxville, I got hit with this overwhelming feeling of awe mixed with melancholy. As I looked into the millions of windows on the buildings that were whizzing by me I thought about the people who live and work there. In a city of over 8 million people it’s so easy to get lost and forget about the individual lives you pass every second. I thought about the people who came to New York for a new life and fresh start – maybe they didn’t speak my language, maybe they felt alone or, maybe, they were perfectly happy. ‘What were their stories?’ I wanted to know. One person out of the over 8 million may not seem significant but each individual added together is what MAKES the city. They are the life – the sounds, the smells, the energy. Their lives fascinate me every time I visit. I look forward to every chance I get to intertwine myself into their lives, even if I’m just a passerby. I’ve never felt this way about any other city because I don’t think this feeling can be found anywhere else. This city is so rich in history, architecture and culture and has securely nestled itself into my heart forever. Until next time, New York City.

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